1 in 6

oct 24 2015 17:26

I’m sitting in a comp 1 class. we are talking about posters and what they advertise. we are talking about a sexual consent poster. it says, does she want to go home with you, or does she just want to go home. while we discuss, its really only the girls talking and one guy. i looked around and realized, 1 in 6 men are involved in sexual violence. id bet to say its higher than that because even harassing that girl for her number or dancing on her and pushing forward is sexual harassment. on that thought, i realized, there are about 20 men in this class. of that 20, 3-4 will end up raping a girl or sexually violating her. not to mention repeat offenders. the men in this class are reflecting on their actions I’m sure and that is why they aren’t talking. they know. it sounds one sided, but it is what it is.

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