feb 9 2016 14:59

I was in Ben Stroud’s office today. He is a professor at UT. While he was setting up my internships at the paper and darrins to give me credit, i was looking around his office–mostly at the bookshelves. He has two bookshelves filled to the tops of each shelf stacked on other books with books. It’s completely filled. I was looking up and down it at all the different books and I noticed my eyes were drawn to the same books on each sweep of the shelf. There was a large, purple and black book, an average sized black and white book, and an orange and cream book. I thought about why I looked at each of these. The purple and black one was large and in a prominent location, so that made sense. The orange and cream book was surrounded by a bunch of black and dark color books, so that too, made sense. The average sized black and white one was nothing special. It was surrounded by average books. what drew my eyes to it was the fact that the book was 80% white, and the bottom was black. I was only looking at the book spines, thats important. The part that was 80% white had slim letters on it but they were slightly bolded and black. So my eyes were drawn to the basic, yet effective design. And i got to wondering. Do publishers think of this when they make book spines. Some of them had nearly illegible fonts from over 1 ft away. I have more to say on this, but i can’t focus. I dont really know if Ill come back to it. I have so many thoughts every day that i want to post but I’m just too busy. its sad. I like having free time for that reason. I can have thoughts. but truth be told, i dont spend my free time posting on here, i spend it living. I have more to say on that too. about how you dont really live unless you remember it or something like that.

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