Each Individual Person

nov 15 2015 16:26

all over the news are the horrors of what ISIS is doing around the world. Paris, France specifically. I dont want to talk about that. what i want to talk about is the individual person in ISIS. they’re all people. caught up in something bad. and no theres no turning back. they were all babies, then toddlers, then teens and now theyre adults. some still are teens. but they were innocent just like everyone else. I’m sure some still are. they have loved ones. they have people in their lives that they value the opinion of. in health classes, we were always told if we were doing something bad, imagine our grandparents were watching us. and i dont know abut others. but that works for me. i have things i wouldn’t want them seeing, we all do. so do the militants. they all have loved ones and people they respected at one point. and here they are. i tweeted the other day, i wonder if miley cyrus ever wonders how she got where she was, like what happened. and i think we all ask ourselves that. but these militants. i wonder if they ask themselves. how did i get to be part of a terrorist group. how did i become one of those people who just kills. for no apparent reason. they have reason. but theres no reason to take the life of the innocent. i wonder if they realize what they’re doing when they’re doing it. do they realize the effect of the bullet they fire. I’m sorry this isn’t well written. i just wonder about it and haven’t had enough time to think about it.

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