My Day 1

feb 17 2016 19:11

So I think to myself all the time. Nonstop. And I laugh at my thoughts. Do you ever feel like your best friend is yourself. Like I have myself with all my greediness and what not. Then I have my base self who I talk to and holds all my memories. We talk. Compare notes. So they know all the horrible things I’ve done and they know how bad of a person I am. They laugh at me for being foolish. But we still homies. We still make jokes and think about things together. Like when you’re in a really bad situation and you think to yourself. I gotta get out of here. I gotta do this. Abby you know this is bad. That’s my homie keep in me straight. And when I make some Dank food, they’re like. Awe shit this boutta kill it. Or you’re drunk in front of the mirror and you know things are going downhill do you give yourself a pep talk and say. Abby get your shit together. Ya know. Like you two have been through this ride together and your base self holds the selfless perspective. You two homies bc your base self is your day one

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