what i see

oct 13  2015 4:57

I suppose its all relative really. i was at megans watching American Beauty. good film. the movie ended. i looked around the house as i was getting my stuff together to leave. I’ve been reflecting lately. do i really need this. I’m not planning on buying more “stuff” because i dont need it. I can’t take it everywhere i go and i dont plan on staying in the same house for a long time. i plan on moving a lot. so i shouldn’t buy objects. I’ve always said its for the experiences. so i was at ellens, means mom, looking at their home. i saw the large vase in the corner with fake plants in it. i saw the mass produced sculpture of a human being dancing from pottery barn. i saw the paintings on the walls and seeing this got me to thinking. i thought this all within seconds. ellen sees things that fill her house. objects that reflect her taste and wealth. i see the concert tickets that weren’t purchased and i see the trip that wasn’t taken to the zoo. i see the gas money needed to go to any nat’l park. its a shame. wiz khalifa has a song, when I’m gone. and its about how his money means nothing and his possessions mean nothing because when he’s gone, they do absolutely nothing. they sit. i dont know. its just like, go to rome. go to Indonesia. donate that money to a hospital. see your favorite band while you can. go out and live. dont buy things just so you can sit in your house and appreciate what you own. go out an appreciate who you have and what the world has. it seems so arbitrary but it is what it is. dont waste another moment. go out and live the life others can’t. go out and live. be the person you admire most. just fucking be.

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